When the world moves, move ahead

When the only constant is change, adopting an agile mindset and culture of innovation creates new opportunities to transform the public sector. We help you bring public sector services to life, affordably and efficiently, by harnessing disruptive potential and digital technologies. So you can put the citizens, communities, workers and businesses you serve at the heart of progress.

Innovating where industry and technology intersect, we bring a wealth of expertise to resolve the biggest challenges facing public sector organizations today. We combine fresh thinking, insights, and experience with the capabilities to help you modernize and achieve more from your resources.

Whatever your future vision, we enable you to turn new ideas into reality, deliver better experiences and improve outcomes for all those you serve. So, when the world moves, you’re moving ahead.

Citizens: Know them to serve them

Truly human government moves at the speed of citizens. We surveyed 5,000 citizens in 5 countries; including USA, UK, Germany, Singapore and asked them, what will make citizens engage more with digital government?

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Transforming public service

By leveraging our deep industry expertise and applying it to the specific challenges that public organizations face, we can deliver proven solutions end to end. We're infusing government with the fresh thinking it needs to give citizens what they want.

Modernizing the core

Evolving core operations, processes and systems whilst embedding innovation, leaders can deliver the services that citizens demand.

Innovative Technologies

Driving technology use to tackle opportunities and challenges, prepare for change and create value.

Truly human government?

Truly human governments break down silos, build up capabilities and empower workforces to move from transactions to relationships with citizens.

Public sector consulting

We bring the insight, experience and delivery capabilities needed to help leaders bring Living Governments to life.

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Case studies

Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation uses AI to deliver better customer and employee experience.

Successful innovation requires a different approach with today’s rapidly evolving technology.

Future ready and future proof. This social services agency evolved its core to meet citizen expectations.

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What we think

Social services agencies can support truly human governments with the right tools.

Our research shows a stark increase in costs for post and parcel orgs over the past two years.

The human+ worker is a top trend in this year's Accenture Technology Vision 2019.

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Meet our lead

Public sector and higher education must take bold steps in organizational design and service delivery. It’s time to stop tuning and start transforming.

Ryan Oakes

Managing Director and Public Sector Lead

Voices of Accenture Public Service

Meet our subject-matter experts and get their latest takes on the most pressing issues facing public servants.

The challenging work of being a CIO in the new

When you think about our public sector organizations, some of the CIOs are agency-level CIOs; some of them are really enterprise-wide working across the entirety of government.

Future proof - quantum technology

We now accept Quantum-generated keys as the foundation of our digital security – with the distribution of keys to our devices being the biggest risk.

European government organizations are enthusiastic about artificial intelligence but face challenges

October 22, 2019 / Public-service executives in Europe are enthusiastic about the impact of (AI) on government operations but face challenges implementing it.

Project 8 helps address future human needs with support from Accenture and salesforce, Accenture recognized

November 18, 2019 / Accenture and The Demand Institute, a nonprofit run jointly by The Conference Board and Nielsen, developed a global data collaboration platform.

Accenture agrees to acquire clarity insights, boosting artificial intelligence impact for clients in north america

December 13, 2019 / Accenture has entered into an agreement to acquire Clarity Insights, a U.S.-based data consultancy with AI and machine learning expertise.

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Consulting careers

Partner with clients to implement strategies that improve essential services. Enable public service organizations to solve for today while anticipating tomorrow by helping them embrace emerging technologies and prepare for workforces of the future.